Mydayda’s Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

We believe in empowering you to take ownership of your health. We design digital health products that help you become the expert in you.

Our Vision

To transform patient care by delivering user-centered products that inspire our users to engage and become more informed in their health.

Our Values

The ethos of Mydayda is to serve our users, clients and partners with integrity, tact, respect and enthusiasm in order to provide world class service.

About Mydayda

The idea for Mydayda began with the desire to remove fragmentation from health care and to redesign traditional frameworks to place the users at the center. At its core, Mydayda stands for the idea that we should all be in the driver’s seat and in control of our own health and health data. By developing technologies that help put power back into the hands of users, Mydayda envisions a future where health care is more efficient, effective, accessible, and equitable.

As Mydayda grows and pushes the advancement of digital health care, our focus remains on providing users with tools to navigate the changing health care landscape.

Mydayda's Pillars of Care

Inspiring users to take control of personal health by fostering dynamic and meaningful collaboration between users and clinical teams
Giving users the tools and confidence to manage personal health with powerful self-advocacy
Provide the critical technology needed to revolutionize care possibilities.
About our Team

The power of Mydayda’s technology and vision brings together an ever-growing group of talented individuals from a diverse array of professions seeking to return the power of health data to where it belongs: the patient. From its Executive Team to its Board of Directors, the Mydayda team features highly esteemed physicians, as well as leaders in health care, hospital management, technology, and data science all dedicated to a culture of inclusion, innovation, and service.

At Mydayda, we are steadfast in fostering an environment that encourages everyone, from our own team to the end user, to be well and do meaningful work.